Truffle?  Isn’t that a mushroom thing?
Indeed, those round, hog-hunted little mushroom things did coin the term ‘truffle’.  Some time later, upon seeing a mostly round-ish, ganache-based confection, someone said, “Hey, that looks like those mushroom things!”  Someone else said, “Heh, that’s funny, it does!  A truffle!”  A good laugh was had, it was discovered that the mushrooms hadn’t filed for a trademark yet, and here we are today.

Ok, ha ha.  But ‘ganache-based confection’?  Please explain.
What makes a truffle a truffle is the creamy, luscious, chocolaty ganache found in the center.  ‘Ganache’, from the French ‘pillow’ or ‘cushion’, is – at its most simple – a melt-in-your-mouth emulsion of cream and chocolate.  Depending on the ratio of these two ingredients, ganache may be soft enough for spackling walls and frost a cake, or firm enough to roll into mushroom shapes.  For the chocolatier, basic ganache is a canvas upon which to create further (infinite!) taste sensations.

How do you make truffles at Modern Dwellers?
There are many variations on the basic technique of making truffles to suit the spectrum of home and professional choco-nauts.  At Modern Dwellers, it takes 3-4 days to get a batch of truffles from spatula to shelf.  We do not use preservatives, aside from the occasional bit of natural preservatives like alcohol or honey and maple syrup.  Therefore, please indulge within a week of purchase.  Eat up!