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Modern Dwellers Mini Spicy Mayan Drinking Chocolate Tin

Modern Dwellers Chocolate Studio


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 Chocolate has been consumed for centuries in a rich, thick, liquid form. The Maya ground the cacao seeds into a paste that was dissolved in water and poured from one vessel to another making a bitter frothy chocolate drink flavored with spices or maize. Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge drinking chocolate is based on the Mayan tradition of drinking chocolate and received the Anchorage "Best Chocolate" award at the 23rd annual National M.S. Society's Chocolate Affair. Our Spicy Mayan drinking chocolate is richly bittersweet, strong and spicy and can be served with a dollop of whipped cream. 


1.75 ounces

A single serving of our signature Spicy Mayan Drinking Chocolate - 65% dark chocolate with a three chili pepper blend and a hint of cinnamon

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