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Nut & Berry 15 truffle box set

Modern Dwellers Chocolate Studio


96 in stock

Pistachio Passion: lemon zest and white chocolate ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate shell, topped with salted pistachio nuts

Sweet White Delight: creamy white chocolate and cherry ganache encased in white chocolate, topped with a cherry

Raspberry Grove: bittersweet raspberry and maple ganache enrobed in dark chocolate, finished with a lavish luster

Blueberry Patch: bittersweet blueberry puree ganache swimming in layers of dark chocolate

Golden Goat: fresh goat cheese and dark chocolate ganache cloaked in dark chocolate, garnished with a zing of organic goldenberry

Dazed by Hazel: rich milk chocolate and hazelnut ganache encased in bittersweet chocolate and chunks of hazelnuts

Cranberry Cardamom: 72% dark chocolate, cranberry & cardamom ganache covered in dark chocolate & garnshed with a sweet dried cranberry.

Marzipan: milk chocolate and marzipan ganache enrobed in dark chocolate & sprinkled with almond shavings.

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